Aerating Lawn By Hand And Aerate Lawn Tools

Why Perform Lawn Aeration?

Isn’t a bumpy and rough lawn annoying? Lawn aeration is done by opening up compacted soil in your lawn so that oxygen, water, and nutrients will be able to reach the soil. By relieving soil compaction, grass roots will able to grow deeper and adequate circulation of air within the soil occurs. This keeps your lawn healthy and beautiful.

When is the Best Time for Aeration?

Before you get started, you need to know first when is the best time to perform this activity. If you have cool season grasses then you need to do lawn aeration during springtime and fall. If you have warm season grasses then perform lawn aeration in the summer.

Do I Need Specialized Tools for Aeration?

Not necessarily. Aerating lawn by hand is possible. You can do this by using a shovel. Simply excavate a portion of turf with soil. Push the shovel deep into the soil and use the weight of your body while stepping on it. Then free the turf with soil gently.

Aside from using a shovel, there are other aerate lawn tools you can use. Read this review and discover all the best available aerate lawn tools that can get the job done right (including the shovel).


24 Highly Durable Steel Plug Spoons

The 64.5-pound Brinly lawn aerator features very strong steel plug spoons that dig through compacted soil with ease. It can penetrate 2-3 inches deep of obstructed soil to allow nutrients to better reach grass roots. Steel is also light and enables more accurate detailing.

Steel Tray for Extra Weight

If you want this tool to penetrate more deeply into the soil, you can place concrete blocks (not your child, please) in its spacious steel tray. In my case, I added 2 concrete blocks to aerate my large lawn. It took me an hour to finish the task. Using this was way better and cheaper than hiring a contractor.

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Good Transport Wheels

The wheels are intentionally made to help you move through a rough lawn smoothly.

Easy to Assemble

I have read the feedback of other users and have discovered that it took quite some time before these homeowners were able to fully assemble this aerator. Getting this thing ready wasn’t a hassle on my part. The instructions were clear and really simple to follow. You just have to properly read them.Click Here: To see more about the Brinly PA-40BH Tow Behind Plug Aerator


Lightweight and Effective

The Mantis 7321 is a 15.5-pound lawn aerator that can be used to aerate compacted, clay soil. It can be easily manipulated for its weight which isn’t that heavy. This tool lasts longer than an electric powered-rake and is much easier to use than other handheld tools.

4 Sets of Tempered Steel Blades

Tempered steel blades are extra tough and durable. You can be assured that these blades won’t ever break regardless of the degree of soil compaction. The steel blades slice the ground effortlessly to air the soil and the roots beneath.

Protective Plate

To keep debris from getting all over the place, this lawn aerator has a protective plate in place. To aerate more efficiently, it is better to move this aerator back and forth. This also guarantees that all areas of your lawn are covered.Click Here: To see what others are saying about the Mantis 7321 Power Tiller Aerator


Works Great for Easily Manageable Lawns

By “easily manageable,” I mean lawns that are smaller. If you have all the extra time in dealing with an aerator that has less spikes, then Yard Butler is the right one for you.

This will also suit you best if you hate dealing with heavier equipment that can cause strain on your arms and back. The Yard Butler only weighs an amazing 2.25 pounds.

4 Sharp Spikes

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Even if your hard has high clay content, the 3-inch spikes are capable of penetrating the soil. This tool can withstand repeated use so you can enjoy aerating lawn by hand all by yourself (without you having to deal with the costs of hiring other people). While aerating your lawn, you can also take advantage of the spikes to break up clods or even remove annoying weeds.

Aside from allowing water and nutrients to reach the soil, the extra sharp spikes also separate the roots to help them grow.

Resin Finish

Coated with resin finish, you can rely on this aerator to resist rusting for years.Click Here: To see what others are saying about the Yard Butler M-7C Spike Aerator


14 Gauge Steel With Rounded Point

Its highly durable 14 gauge (equivalent to 1.897mm in thickness) steel with rounded point can penetrate tough soil effectively. Light and easy to use, it weighs only 4.4 pounds. To allow the shovel to dig deeper, use your weight while stepping on its shoulder (on top of the blade).

This shovel, or any shovel for that matter, can be used as a great aeration tool if you do not have other specialized tools available.

For Tall and Short People

The overall length of this aerator measures 59.25 inches (4.93 feet). This length guarantees comfort for all users as it prevents frequent stooping and bending that cause neck and lower back strain.

Fiberglass Handle

In terms of mechanical strength, fiberglass is known to be stiff and durable. It cannot break easily and lasts more than 10 years. The Bully Tools fiberglass handle is also corrosion-resistant. You can leave it outdoors or under the heat of the sun during the summer.Click Here: To see what others are saying about the Bully Tools 82515 14-Gauge Round Point Shovel with Fiberglass Long Handle


Cheaper and Easier to Use Than Other Tools

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Wear these aerator sandals and you’re good to go. The ZDTech lawn aerator is ideal for people who want extra convenience by multi-tasking. Just fasten the straps and you can walk all over your lawn while doing other chores. Since this tool involves walking, you can consider using the ZDTech sandals as a way to do aerobic exercise.

Aside from the Brinly lawn aerator, I use these sandals when I am in a hurry. I have a huge lawn and sometimes want to do two things at once. Sometimes I get too tired using my hands (as in the case of the Brinly aerator). But I highly recommend these sandals for people who have smaller yards.

4 Straps With Strong Metal Buckles

Other aerator sandals have 3 straps with buckles that easily break. The ZDTech sandals feature 4 straps with durable buckles that secure your feet in place. Simply pull the straps after wearing the sandals to tighten the buckles.

Sharp Multiple Spikes

At the base of each sandal, you’ll find 12 sharp spikes that measure 2 inches. These help you penetrate the ground better, especially if you walk intentionally using your weight.Click Here: To see what others are saying about the ZDTech Lawn Aerator Sandals


The 5 aerate lawn tools we have reviewed are all effective in doing lawn aeration. The difference lies in the presence of spikes, size of area covered, price, and ease of use on the part of a user.

My pick is the Brinly PA-40BH lawn aerator. I have personally used it for more than a year now and find its huge dimensions really suitable for my spacious lawn. But for smaller lawns and for gardeners who have more time, I suggest other tools like the shovel, power tiller aerator, sandals, and spike aerator. For people who love multitasking and want to exercise at the same time, I recommend the ZDTech sandals. It also happens to be the cheapest among the five tools.

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