Best Battery Operated Hedge Clippers

As the title of this review goes, battery-operated hedge clippers are hedge trimming tools that do not require the use of electricity. Aside from sparing you from wasting an entire day of keeping your hedge plants well-trimmed, battery-operated hedge clippers are friendly to the environment. They do not emit toxic fumes unlike gas-powered hedge clippers. Moreover, these tools happen to be lighter too. They’re perfect for small-framed users, older people, and gardeners who have back problems.

To help you decide on which battery-operated hedge clipper to get for your lawn, we have reviewed for you 5 of the best trimming tools available in the market. Each one may vary in voltage, cutting capacity, weight, and ease of use. Make sure to pick one that exactly meets your gardening needs.


Long Blade Length with Powerful Cutting Capacity

The overall blade length of the EGO Power+ hedge trimmer measures 24 inches. This amazing tool can handle your entire lawn and cuts through 3/4-inch thick hedge branches. It cuts smoothly like butterand lasts longer since it comes with dual-action steel blades and is powered by a 56-volt lithium-ion battery.

Safe and Convenient

This cordless hedge trimmer has a green-colored transparent blade guard that protects your hands from accidentally touching the blades. Since it’s transparent, you can clearly see what you’re working on. With this hedge trimmer, you don’t have to take frequent trips for maintenance. It operates quietly too so you don’t have to disturb your neighbors when trimming early at daytime.

Comfortable to Use

It features a comfortable handle that allows you to have more control especially when working on thicker branches. And because it’s cordless, you can carry it anywhere in your garden without having to deal with tangles and extensions.

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More Product Details

  • Up to 1 hour runtime
  • Weather-resistant body
  • 3,000 strokes per minute
  • Weight: 11.4 pounds
  • Origin: China

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Longer Runtime, Less Fatigue

This hedge trimmer by Black and Decker is powered by a fast-charging, 40-volt lithium-ion battery that lasts up to 2 hours. After fully charging it for about 1 hour, you can tackle 6,000 square feet of hedges including shrubs. Aside from its comfortable handle, it also produces 40% less vibrations to help you avoid fatigue especially when tackling overgrown hedges.

Better than a Gas Trimmer

Some people believe that cordless hedge trimmers are less powerful than those that run on gas. This B&D model has dual-action blades that cut through thick hedge branches with ease. You can manage a 50-foot hedge and not run out of power. It also weighs unbelievably light – only 6.9 pounds. I say this tool outperforms a gas trimmer that’s heavy, noisy, and uncomfortable.

More Product Details

  • Cutting capacity: branches up to 3/4 inch thick
  • 2,400 strokes per minute
  • Extremely sharp, cuts quickly

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Long and Durable Blades to Help You Cut with Ease

This hedge trimmer by Toro runs on a 24-volt lithium-ion battery for more cutting power. It lasts up to 60 minutes even when used to for heavy trimming of overgrown hedges. Though it is stated that this trimmer cuts 5/8-inch thick hedge branches, some homeowners were able to cut stems with a diameter of 1/4 inch. Indeed, this Toro trimmer is a real workhorse.

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Made for Vertical Trimming, Helps You Work with Convenience

With this tool, you can rotate up to 90 degrees for vertical trimming. This allows you to perfectly shape hedge plants for a beautiful finish. You’ll also have a safe and better experience in trimming because it comes with a transparent hand guard that allows you to view the results of your work.

More Product Details

  • 24-inch long cutting bar
  • Soft grip handle to minimize fatigue
  • Weight: 8.5 pounds
  • Origin: China

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Extremely Lightweight, Long Runtime

Among the cordless hedge trimmers mentioned in this review, this one offered by Weed Eater happens to be the lightest. It weighs only 5.4 pounds. Running on a 20-volt rechargeable lithium-ion battery, it can last up to 30 minutes. This trimmer has a 4-hour charging time so it’s better if you charge the night before using it. If you have an extra huge lawn filled with overgrown hedges that require more than 30 minutes of trimming, it would be best to have a spare battery.

A Well-Built Trimmer Made for Light Tasks

This Weed Eater trimmer has a 5/8-inch cutting capacity and performs 2,400 strokes per minute. You can also rotate it using its comfortable wrap around handle to trim in different angles. It can also be used on weeds and vines. But you have to remember not to use it on woody branches.

More Product Details

  • Blade Length: 20 inches
  • Emission-free
  • Transparent hand guard
  • Origin: China
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All of the cordless hedge trimmers in this review are truly excellent. They help you maintain your lawn without the inconvenience of cords and toxic emissions. They’re lighter too and feature transparent hand guards to make you work safely and easily. But these trimmer differ in voltage, weight, runtime, and cutting capacity.

If you want something that’s made for heavy work, choose the EGO Power+ hedge trimmer. Actually, it’s the most expensive among the trimmers but it’s worth your money. Although it’s the heaviest (weighing 11.4 pounds), a lot of older people have used this one without any complaints. It has the highest voltage, operates quietly, resists tough weather, and handles thick hedge branches.

For the lightest tasks, I recommend the Weed Eater 20-volt hedge trimmer with a 20-inch blade length. It manages thinner branches but cuts with power and precision. This tool is best for people who own a small garden and are prone to fatigue.

Remember that no hedge trimmer is perfect. One trimmer may be more powerful but heavier, and another can have a shorter blade length but a longer runtime. The trick is to choose the best one that suits you.

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