Best Cordless Weed Eater

Did you know that people during the early 1900s weren’t able to enjoy gardening as much as we do today? True, garden equipment such as battery-operated weed eaters or string trimmers did not exist a long time ago. You can just imagine the burden that gardeners have to deal with when tackling pesky weeds that never seem to stop! And they had their share of back pains because of frequent bending all day long.

We are more than thankful to have the lightest and fastest weed eaters these days. Not only are they good at removing overgrown weeds, they also run on batteries. This would mean more opportunities in weeding farther areas for long periods of time without dealing with tangles and cords.

A weed eater has exceptional performance over a gas-operated one. It’s lighter, more affordable, and easier to handle. Plus, you don’t have to deal with frequent trips for maintenance. And since cordless weed eaters don’t run on gas, they will never emit even the slightest fumes that pollute the air.

To know which best cordless weed eater to get for weeding your lawn, please refer to this useful guide. You will be introduced to various models, each with a unique voltage and cutting swath. Make sure to pick the one that matches the size of your lawn and your own preference as well.


Much Better Cutting Swath, Made for Heavy Weeding

If you want a wider cutting swath – 15 inches wide, choose this weed eater by EGO Power+. It can handle all types of thick weeds and grass without producing any noise and fumes. It’s also very easy to re-string. What’s more exciting about this weeder is its high 56-volt battery that guarantees more efficiency in cutting.

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Weather-Resistant, Minimizes Vibrations

To ensure that you get the maximum comfort you need in weeding, this EGO Power+ weed eater comes with a padded handle that minimizes the impact of vibrations. You’ll also have this for a longer time because it has a weather-resistant body that does not require lots of maintenance.Click here: To see what others are saying about the EGO Power+ ST1502 56V 2.5Ah Lithium-Ion Cordless Brushless String Trimmer Straight Shaft, 15″


High Voltage for More Power in Weeding, Long-Lasting

The Black and Decker has never failed to produce the most outstanding weed eaters for homeowners with different needs. To give you more power in weeding, it offers its 20-volt trimmer that gets rid of grassy weeds and other thick grass as well.

You can have this weed eater do the heavy job for you for more than 30 minutes. It has a cutting swath of 10 inches so you can get more done in less time. Working on a half acre lot would never be a hassle at all with this Black and Decker 20-volt model.

Convenient and Lightweight, Great for People with Back Problems and Senior Citizens

This weed eater will surely be a delight for people who cannot deal with heavy equipment. The lightest weed eater in this review, the Black and Decker LST201 only weighs 4.5 pounds. You can adjust its height and handle for increased comfort in weeding.Click here: To see what others are saying about the BLACK+DECKER LST201 20V Max Lithium String Trimmer/Edger, 10″

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Adjustable and Works in Hard to Reach Areas

This Worx weed eater also has a telescopic handle which you can adjust depending on your height. Helping you avoid weeding by hand, you can easily tilt its shaft to 90 degrees to tackle more difficult and narrow spaces in your lawn.

Weed Longer and Better

Running on 2 lithium-ion batteries, this weed eater has definitely longer life and more power when compared to other models. Because you can weed without interruption, you’ll surely be delighted with the performance of this light tool. It has a 10-inch cutting swath to cover more areas in less time.Click here: To see what others are saying about the WORX WG156 Li-Ion Cordless Grass Trimmer/Edger with 2 20-volt Batteries and Manual Handle, 10-Inch


Great for Light to Medium Weeding

Powered by an 18-volt battery and motor that produces 7,800 rotations per minute, the Makita weed eater is just the tool you need for light to medium weeding jobs. You can weed longer since it has a runtime of 40 minutes. Unlike gas-powered weed eaters, this cordless tool is low-maintenance. The Makita trimmer also prevents overheating and over-discharging.

Adjustable Head, Height, and Speed

The Makita weed eater is truly unique since it features a 180-degree rotating head with 5 positions to help you work in small spaces. You can also adjust its telescoping shaft (48-1/2 to 56-1/2 inches) to achieve the desired working height you need to prevent back strain when weeding. Adjust its speed dial while you work in case you need to go faster or slower.Click here: To see what others are saying about the Makita XRU02Z 18V LXT String Trimmer

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Remember to choose the best cordless weed eater that works just for you. Your gardening needs may differ from other homeowners. If you often encounter thick weeds and grass, you should settle for a weed eater that runs on more power and has a wider cutting swath. In that case, the EGO Power+ will be your best option. If you wish to have the lightest tool, go for the Black and Decker LST201. It’s ideal for older people and gardeners prone to back strain.

In general, all weed eaters in this review have adjustable shafts that help you work with comfort.

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