Best Hand Saw For Cutting Trees – 5 Of The Best Pruning Saws

If you encountered someone who got injured by a falling dead tree branch, you would realized how important it is to keep trees well-trimmed. Aside from the safety that tree trimming ensures for homeowners and pedestrians, tree trimming is a very important gardening task that keeps your branches pretty and healthy all year round.

So how do you handle dead branches on your own without hiring an expensive contractor? The answer is simple: you need to get the best hand saw for cutting trees. While hedge and lopping shears can cut branches effectively, they are unable to handle thicker ones – more than 1-inch in diameter. A hand saw can cut and trim up to over 4-inch branches with ease.

Remember to trim and prune trees to keep insects away, promote proper growth of branches, and protect people and nearby properties. Here are some reviews of excellent hand saws to help you manage your trees.


Helps You Cut Trees Easily with Less Effort

This convenient hand saw by Bahco measures 30 inches in length. Helping you exert less effort, it can cut branches 3 to 5 inches with its sharp teeth. They say that the Bahco hand saw works like a chain saw. It has a black comfortable handle that will help you maneuver the saw for more control in cutting or pruning.

Durable Blade, Produces Clean Cuts

With blade made of stainless steel, this hand saw won’t ever break nor wear out even if you use it to tackle plenty of thick branches in a single day. And because this heavy-duty tool ensures clean cuts, trimmed branches will be able to grow healthily.

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With a Unique Design that Helps You Cut Fast

This hand saw has a curved design that serves a purpose: to sink more teeth into branches for faster and more efficient cutting. If you need to cut or prune 4-5 inch thick branches, do it with the Corona hand saw. Some homeowners even use this on 6-inch thick oak wood. Remember to wear gloves when using this little beast. It has a razor sharp blade that ensures clean cuts.

With Tempered Steel Alloy Blade and Cushioned Handle

Not only is the Corona great at cutting, you can rely on its blade to resist rust for longer life. Since the blade is made of tempered steel alloy, it minimizes friction. You don’t have to oil the blade each time you trim. Lastly, the Corona hand saw features a pistol grip handle that matches the contour of your fingers so you can hold it with comfort for longer periods of time.

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Produces Smooth and Precise Cuts

One of Japan’s best tools for tree trimming is this 13-inch Silky professional hand saw. Its rust-resistant hard chrome-plated blade cuts through anything! Aside from slicing through 8-inch thick tree limbs like butter, you can use it to cut grass and rope. This Silky hand saw features a 6.5 teeth per inch (TPI) configuration that guarantees efficiency for all pruning and cutting tasks.

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Easy to Clean, Comes with a Black Polypropylene Sheath

You’ll find this hand saw extremely easy to clean. It resists tree resin so you can easily wipe it with a clean cloth. When not in use, store it inside its custom-fitted sheath that comes with a belt holder.

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Sharp and Wear-Resistant Blade

If you want a hand saw that’s wear-resistant, durable, stays sharp longer and easy to maintain, choose the Silky Professional BIGBOY with its 14-1/5 inch curved blade. The blade is special because it’s made of carbon steel for added strength. The have an XL configuration – 5.5 teeth per inch. You can try it on small twigs, bamboo, and medium-sized aborvitae branches.

Folds Back Safely After Use

Carry this convenient hand saw safely wherever you go. Since it’s foldable, it won’t cause any untoward accidents when not in use. This tool also guarantees safety as you open it for use because it automatically locks into place. You can also adjust the bolt that connects the blade and handle if you wish to tighten or loosen it.

  • Multi-purpose folding saw with 14-1/5-inch curved blade for a greater reach
  • Equipped with a perfectly-balanced uniquely-shaped low angle curve, hard chrome-plated blade
  • The non-slip two-handed rubberized cushioned handle provides a sure and comfortable grip even in the most difficult operating conditions
  • Suitable for pruning, cutting green wood as well as dry, hard wood
  • XL teeth configuration – 5.5 teeth per inch

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Provides Greater Control and Protection in Pruning

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This Fiskars handheld pruning saw has a soft grip touch that offers full protection to your hands. Avoid scratches and accidents while you prune branches all day. The inner portion of the handle features a unique design that provides a more comfortable feel to your fingers. For sure, you’ll have better control in pruning.

Curved Shaped Blade for Better Undercuts

The blade of this hand saw has a unique curved design that gets you better undercuts faster. With its 10-inch blade length and razor-sharp teeth, tackling 6 to 7-inch thick branches will be easy and stress-free. By the way, the blade of this hand saw is made of hardened carbon steel that stays sharp longer.

  • Ideal for cutting thick branches
  • Power Tooth blade with razor sharp, triple ground teeth powers through wood faster
  • Blade locks in two different positions, optimized for overhand cuts and under cuts
  • Fully hardened, precision ground steel blade stays sharp, even through heavy use
  • Soft grip touch points enhance comfort and control

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Have you chosen the best hand saw for cutting trees in your yard? If you haven’t done so yet, allow me to share with you my best pick. I personally like the Bahco 30 inch Ergo Bow saw. The features that make it stand out are its 30-inch length and thick cutting capacity and versatility in slicing through almost anything. If you believe in great workmanship, the Bacho hand saw is the best tool for you. For faster undercuts with added protection for your hands, choose the Silky BIGBOY handheld pruning saw.

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