Best Leaf Raker Machine

A leaf raker machine, also known as a lawn sweeper, cleans your lawn faster than an ordinary leaf rake. Why settle for a manual leaf rake that requires more effort when you can have a more convenient leaf raker machine?

Cleaning up debris on your lawn is a daunting task when done the traditional way. You know that leaves won’t stop falling (unless you cut your trees) and children don’t stop playing. By using a lawn sweeper, you’ll be able to save more energy and spend more time doing other important gardening tasks. With this equipment, you won’t be experiencing fatigue and muscle aches.

If you have made the decision to switch to a leaf raker machine, you have to know that it comes in 2 types: The tow behind lawn sweeper and the push lawn sweeper. The tow behind lawn sweeper is simply attached to the back of a tractor. All you have to do is drive across the place. This requires almost no effort. On the other hand, a push lawn sweeper works like a lawn mower. You have to push it forward while walking to gather debris. This may take some physical effort but is way better than a manual raker.

Below are some of the best tools to keep your lawn free from leaves and other debris. The order of each leaf raker machine is made according to its sweeping path (in inches).


Lawn Sweeper Type and Sweeping Path

This is a tow behind lawn sweeper with a 50-inch (4.17 feet) sweeping path. This super wide coverage allows you to manage a huge area with minimal effort. Aside from collecting leaves, it can gather twigs, small branches, and pine cones.

Heavy Duty Collector Bag

It has a 26 cubic feet collector bag that collects more leaves and debris so you won’t have to frequently pause to have the bag emptied.

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Cleans Safely and Much Better

Its 11-inch spiraled propylene brushes clean your lawn more effectively without damaging the grass.

Compatible With All Tractor Brands

This leaf raker machine has a 5-position hitch adjustment that allows it to custom fit all tractor brands.

Easily Stored

The Ohio Steel lawn sweeper is collapsible so you can easily keep it in your storage area or anywhere safe without taking a lot of space.Click Here: To see what others are saying about the Ohio Steel 50SWP26 50″ Pro Lawn Sweeper


Lawn Sweeper Type and Sweeping Path

Weighing lighter but more expensive than the Ohio Steel, the Agri-Fab 45-0492 is a tow behind sweeper with a sweeping path of 44 inches.

Adjustable Brushes and Huge Bag

You can choose to adjust the height of its durable brushes for better, more effective sweeping. Like the Ohio Steel, this lawn sweeper has an extra huge bag to gather more clippings. You can be assured that leaves and grass clippings won’t shoot outside the bag.

No Need To Leave The Tractor Seat When Dumping Leaves

Helping you save more time and effort, it has a better dump lever that helps you dump clippings and leaves without having to leave the tractor seat.


To clean your lawn better, you can add a de-thatcher to the front portion of this lead raker machine. This allows for multi-tasking. While de-thatching, compacted material is sweeped by the brushes to be collected by the sweeper.Click Here: To see what others are saying about the Agri-Fab 45-0492 Lawn Sweeper


Lawn Sweeper Type and Sweeping Path

The Brinly is still a tow behind leaf raker machine with a 42-inch cutting path. Among the tow behind sweepers mentioned in this review, this one is the cheapest and the lightest (weighs only 80 pounds). It can collect leaves, thatches (old grass), grass clippings, and pine cones.

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Adjustable Brushes and Heavy Duty Collector Bag

This lawn sweeper has 6 high-velocity, height-adjustable brushes that allow for more efficient collection of leaves and other material. Its 20-cubic meter collector bag is large enough to prevent frequent emptying. Like the Ohio Steel and Brinly, you’ll be able to save time and effort with this tool.

No Need To Leave The Tractor Seat When Dumping Leaves

You don’t have to leave your the tractor seat when dumping leaves. This machine has a good dump lever that helps do the dumping job with less effort.

Easily Stored

Like the Ohio Steel and Agri-Fab, this lawn sweeper can be conveniently kept anywhere without taking a lot of space.Click Here: To see what others are saying about the Brinly STS-427LXH 20 Cubic Feet Tow Behind Lawn Sweeper


Lawn Sweeper Type and Sweeping Path

The Agri-Fab 45-0218 is a push lawn sweeper with a sweeping path of 26 inches. This tool is best used for small to medium sized lawns that are easier to manage. Better than ordinary leaf rakes, it prevents back and arm strain because you simply have to push it forward to collect leaves.

Best For Dry to Slightly Damp Leaves

This lawn sweeper does best at gathering dry to slightly damp leaves and other debris (including pine cones). For faster results, it is better to use this push lawn sweeper on a sunny day.

Durable Bristles and Large Bag

Its durable bristles effectively sweep and collect debris while remaining gentle on grass. Its large bag measures 7 cubic feet which gathers moderate amounts of debris and clippings.

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Works Better on Flat Ground

When used on an uneven lawn, this lawn sweeper may produce uneven results. If this happens, simply repeat clearing the area where there are some leaves left.Click Here: To see what others are saying about the Agri-Fab 45-0218 26-Inch Push Lawn Sweeper


Lawn Sweeper Type and Sweeping Path

The Yardwise lawn sweeper is a push type with a 21-inch sweeping path. Still way better than using a leaf rake, it can gather small to medium sized leaves (but not branches, sticks and pine cones). Even if this does not pick up everything in your yard, using this can help you gather more than a time-consuming leaf rake.

Works Better on Flat Ground

This lawn sweeper does its job best on smaller, even lawns without any huge obstructions such as rocks.

26-Gallon Removable Basket

When compared to the other collector bags previously mentioned in this review, this 26-gallon bag happens to be smaller – which requries more frequent emptying. But this is not considered a huge issue when compared to the hassle-free and pain-free debris collection it provides.Click Here: To see what others are saying about the Yardwise 21″ Lawn Sweeper


A leaf raker machine or a lawn sweeper remains to be a reliable tool for lawns that have many trees (more falling leaves) and other debris. Preventing body malaise and saving time, it can be easily pushed or used with a tractor (when available).

For a tow behind lawn sweeper, the Ohio Steel 50SWP26 does the job best simply because it has a larger sweeping path and is more affordable than the Agri-Fab 45-0492. For a push lawn sweeper, the Agri-Fab 45-0218 makes a better choice for the same reason as the Ohio Steel 50SWP26.

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