Which Manual Edging Tools For Lawns Are The Best?

A well-maintained lawn makes evey home a wonderful place to live in. Aside from the fact that a healthy-looking garden adds beauty to a neighborhood, it promotes feelings of happiness and relaxation all year round. Maintaining a beautiful landscape always boosts the value of a property.

The goal must be to improve and maintain the aesthetic beauty of your lawn the most convenient way possible. One way to achieve this is through lawn edging.

Edging your lawn requires the use of manual edging tools. These tools allow you to separate gardens from other areas like driveways. With manual edging tools for lawns, you are able to achieve well-defined, clear edges of landscape beds. The look of edged landscapes also helps people understand that they are not allowed to step on grassy areas.

The secret to a sharp-looking garden lies in the the lawn edger used. There are many available options in the market. You have to be sure to pick the best ones. This review focuses on top 3 lawn edgers. Check them out and discover the unique features for each tool:


48-Inch (4 Feet) Lacquered Handle

This is a dual wheel rotary lawn edger. It has a 48-inch (4 feet) lacquered North American ash handle that’s shiny, durable, and lasts for years without chipping off. Its height ensures that most people are able to use it with ease without having to stoop down. The lacquered handle has just the right thickness for you to get a nice grip. This allows for more control in trimming your lawn.

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Rotating Metal Spiked Head

Creating a fine line between walkways and grass areas, it has a rotating metal spiked head that features very sharp blades. The sharp blades enable the Truper to cut through the path smoothly, in a highly precised manner.

Dual Rubber Wheels

The dual rubber wheels at the bottom of the handle creates stability and help you move continuously through the lawn with ease.

Requires Some Practice For First-Time Users

Like any gardening tool, this Truper manual lawn edger may need some practice for you to get used to it. After you work with it for a few times, you are able to establish your own technique in creating sharp lines across your lawn.

A useful tip for you as a first timer would be to move the edger back and forth several times on the same line while applying downward pressure. Imagine slicing through a pizza to create perfect edges.

Easy To Clean

After using the Truper edger, you can simply clean it with a spray garden hose to eliminate any soil and debris.

Backed With a 10-Year, Free Replacement Warranty

If you encounter problems with the Truper manual lawn edger, have it replaced for free.


This manual edging tool weighs 3.83 pounds.

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Resin-Encased Steel Shaft and “O-Handle” Grip

This manual edger features a steel shaft that’s coated with resin to achieve an enamel-like finish. This resin-encased solid shaft also achieves the feel of a wooden shaft, is harder to break, and prevents tarnish from repeated use.

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What makes this manual edger stand out from other similar tools is its O-shaped handle that allows you to manipulate the edger intuititively and more securely. The handle prevents your hands from slipping even when they’re wet and also provides more room – an added benefit for those with large hands. Plus, the shape of the grip looks very stylish. You’ll have fun with it while edging your garden.

Stainless Steel Blade For Easy Cutting

This manual edger has a half-moon shaped stainless steel blade with a pointed edge. Stainless steel is highly durable and is corrosion-resistant. You can rely on this blade to do the lawn edging work for years.

Because it has a sharp blade, it guarantees ease of use. This edger perfectly defines your flower beds. You’ll be able to cut through a 1000 square foot lawn in less than 4 hours.

5 Available Colors

The steel edges comes in 5 colors you can choose from depending on your mood – Original Green, Slate, Burgundy, Olive, Midgnight Blue.

Comes With a Lifetime Warranty

Radius Garden provides a lifetime warranty with this manual edger. You’re able to save from repeatedly purchasing new manual edging tools.


This stainless steel edger weighs about 5 pounds.

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38-Inch (3.17 feet) Shaft With a Comfortable Grip Handle

This Garden Weasel manual edger features a 38-inch shaft that prevents you from bending and straining your back. It also has a grip handle that ensures comfort and prevents hand strain for longer use.

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Extra Wide Foot Plate and Carbon Steel Blade

The extra wide foot plate at the on top of the carbon steel blade enables your foot to have more to step on. This allows the steel blade to penetrate deeper through the soil for more defined edges. Carbon steel has better performance and durability than regular stainless steel. It’s less prone to breakage even when used for years.

Can Also Be Used During Winter

Aside from sculpting edges of your gardens, you can use this gardening tool to break up ice during wintertime.


This manual edger weighs only 3 pounds.

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Always remember that when choosing amongst manual edging tools for lawns, go for the most durable and sharp ones. Manual edgers for landscaping are most suitable for areas that are not so big. This saves you time and helps you get the work done with minimal effort. Unlike automated edgers, manual edgers are quiet (never annoying to neighbors), are easier to maintain, and do not take up a lot of space. Also check the warranty of every manual lawn edger you choose.

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