Best Rakes For Lawns

Lawn rakes are flexible tools that come in 2 common types: the bow rake and the regular leaf rake. You use the bow rake to prepare the soil for planting by breaking up clods and leveling sand and gravel. They say a bow rake can be heavy for scooping leaves. It has thick and short tines that are made of metal. The leaf rake, as the name goes, works on collecting leaves. Its head is shaped like a fan and the tines can either be made of metal, wood, or plastic. A thatching rake is less frequently mentioned but it is used for removing thatch, roots and dead stems.

When choosing among the best rakes for lawns, you have to be sure that the rake you purchase is able to prevent you from bending to gather leaves and exerting too much effort to prepare the soil for planting. Some rakes are also adjustable.

We’ll help you pick the right lawn rake for the job by featuring some good reviews below. These rakes are from different manufacturers and have their own unique uses and benefits.


Well Built, Heavy Duty Tines

The tines of this rake are made of durable plastic (poly) and form a 90-degree angle. This angle will help you collect many leaves easily to keep you from bending to pick them up.

Even though this is classified as a leaf rake, some homeowners use this to rake for tough gravel. What’s amazing is that the plastic tines don’t even bend or break. You will see that the tines are actually supported by double reinforcement ridges.

Comfortable Height

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Overall, the Bully Tools lawn and leaf measures 72 inches in length. Its handle that’s made of strong, reinforced fiberglass measures about 50 inches long. This long reach will help you do your task with ease. Don’t worry – This Bully Tools rake will keep you from experiencing back and neck pain.

More Product Details

  • Weight: extremely light (2.6 pounds)
  • Easy to assemble
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime
  • Made in the USA

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Extra Long, Expands for Added Convenience

I’m pretty amazed that this leaf rake actually measures 63 inches in length. If you’re really a tall fellow, I highly recommend this leaf rake to you. This should be your favorite choice by now.

What’s more is that its head can be expanded from 7 inches to 22 inches. This is designed to help you collect more leaves in wide areas and reach small, difficult areas as well. Please take note that this rake is to be exclusively used for leaves and mulch. Some also use this to gather pebbles. But never use this for tough objects like rocks.

Just in case a leaf gets stuck between the tines, no need to worry. Just expand the tines and shake the leaf off. Truly effortless.

Comfortable to Use, Prevents Rust

This leaf rake is stress-free. It weighs very light – only 2.3 pounds. If you have back problems, having this light rake won’t cause you any physical pain. The 3/4 inch handle is made of steel and coated with zinc to prevent rusting. You’re going to have this for a long time. To me, this leaf rake is worth every penny.

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More Product Details

  • Easy to store. Does not take up a lot of space unlike the conventional rake
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

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Attractive Bright Red, Great Design for Efficient Raking

Are you particular with color and style? If yes, this rake is for you. I immediately fell in love with its bright red color. This also makes the rake very visible in case you misplace it somewhere.

Aside from its lovely color, the head has a bi-curved bow design which distributes pressure equally to all the tines. This even pressure allows the tines to collect plenty of leaves with maximum efficiency. Each tine is 1/4 inch wide and 1/2 inch apart to prevent leaves from slipping in between the prongs. I like the curved design of the tines. They scoop leaves very nicely.


Aside from raking leaves beneath shrubs, fences and other tight areas, it can also gather other things in your lawn – small debris, pine needles, pine cones, and tiny stones.

Durable Head and Comfortable Handle

The head is constructed from tempered spring steel while its handle is made of lightweight aluminum. You can be sure that this rake will remain in exellent condition for years. The handle is covered in anti-slip vinyl so you can grip it firmly even when your hands are wet.

More Product Details

  • Extremely light. Weight: 1.3 pounds
  • Length: about 4.5 feet
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime

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Works on Almost Every Gardening Task

This bow rake designed by Stanley Garden is one that’s able to handle a multitude of tasks. It is mainly used for breaking compacted soil to prepare for planting or lawn leveling. It can also be used to spread mulch or compost.

Though most people say that a bow rake isn’t an ideal tool for collecting leaves, this one can help you do the task with ease. This one weighs light (about 2.5 pounds) which makes it function as a leaf rake too.

Heat Treated Steel Head

The handle is made from fiberglass with steel reinforcements – built to last. The head is heat-treated for extra durability. Look after this, I mean don’t leave it in the rain etc… and it will last you for many years. Not the cheapest but you get what you pay for.

More Product Details

  • Heat-treated Steel head for extra durability
  • Fiberglass handle with Steel reinforcement
  • Control grip and non-slip forward grip with vibration reduction dampeners
  • Extended steel shaft increases durability and control

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Among the 4 best rakes for lawns, I think my personal favorite would be the Stanley Garden bow rake. I love how sturdy it feels. Quality just feels better than other rakes.
The head has 4 welded support points, instead of just the one, like on most rakes. The head is actually welded on to the shaft and not just glued onto a wooden dowel and covered with a metal cap.

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