Best Sprinkler For Small Lawn

Some homeowners find watering their small lawn with a garden hose a time-consuming and tiring task. Using a garden hose will mean walking around the place to tackle basically everything. That is why they resort to getting garden sprinklers to do the daunting job for them.

If you are one of those homeowners who own a small lawn and are tired of watering by hand, perhaps you would also consider having a new sprinkler for yourself. But before rushing to buy one, read this review first to know which best sprinkler for small lawn works for you. Keep in mind that no two sprinklers are alike.

There are sprinklers that perform better than others in terms of coverage and spray pattern. But at the end of the day, always settle for the one that exactly meets your gardening needs. Without further ado, here are the 5 of the most effective sprinklers to tackle small areas.


8 Watering Patterns, Leak-Free

If you want to have more water patterns to tackle odd-shaped and difficult areas of your lawn, this sprinkler by Nelson is just the right tool for you. Because it has fun patterns, this sprinkler will surely delight your family and pets. You don’t have to move this sprinkler around to cover your entire area. Just choose the pattern that works best for you. The Nelson sprinkler also resists leaks unlike other low quality sprinklers in the market.

Simple and Durable

The Nelson 8-pattern sprinkler does not have an adjustable height and lever. It’s simply built to deliver your exact watering needs. Despite its simplicity and ease of use, it resists rust and impact. Made of durable plastic, the Nelson makes an excellent alternative to metal sprinklers.

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Rectangular-Styled for Rectangular-Shaped Lawns

By just looking at the pattern of the holes of this nice little sprinkler, it’s easy to tell that the Gilmour is made for rectangular-shaped gardens. Because of its spray pattern, it ensures an even delivery of water on all corners. It does not have any controls or levers so you have to adjust the water pressure accordingly. The Gilmour is designed for small areas, specifically for spot watering. It can reach up to 30 feet in diameter.

Simple but Well-Built, Operates with Low Water Pressure

Although you cannot adjust the width and height of this sprinkler, it’s made of metal that’s sure to last for a long time. And because it has a flat shape, it will remain in place regardles of the direction of the wind. An added benefit of this sprinkler is its ability to work with low water pressure.

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Multiple Coverage Options

With this versatile Gilmour garden sprinkler, you’ll be able to choose among 5 water patterns for a more precise coverage. Regardless of the shape of your area, you’ll be assured that every corner gets watered. You can twist its small round dial to select the best pattern – a 35-foot circle, a 20 x 40 feet rectangle, a thin strip of 10 x 50 feet, an 18 x 18 feet sqaure, or a 30 x 30 feet square. The Gilmour sprinkler also operates with low water pressure.

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Durable and Lightweight Construction, Prevents Clogging

Since this sprinkler is made of polymer, it’s durable and lightweight which makes it rust-resistant and easy to carry in case you want to transfer it to another location in your lawn. Aside from its adequate coverage, it also features a metal screen that keeps debris away to prevent clogging. You’ll have a consistent stream of water all year round.

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Gentle to the Soil, Works with Low Pressure

Watering a small flower bed and front garden will be a stress-free task with the Gardena sprinkler. Covering up to 36 feet in diameter, it tackles difficult spaces and delivers a gentle stream of water to avoid disturbing your newly planted seeds. Having a 360-degree pattern, this sprinkler will be a good option for gardeners who can do away with multiple patterns.

Durable and Easy to Use

This Gardena sprinkler has a durable plastic body that lasts longer. If you want a nice alternative to a metal sprinkler, this budget-friendly watering device will suit you just fine. Gardena offers a 12-month warranty and will repair or replace this sprinkler for free in the event that it gets damaged.

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Well-Made and Flexible

This Rain Bird professional sprinkler is made of premium stainless steel that lasts longer than plastic sprinklers. You can adjust its pattern and spray distance to reach odd areas of your lawn without having to reposition the sprinkler. Featuring full circle, half-moon and quarter patterns, it also comes with a top adjustment screw just in case you wish to change the area coverage from 8 feet to 15 feet. With its 12-inch pop-up height, the Rain Bird can water sloped areas and plants blocked by tall grass.

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Conserves Water, Easy to Install

You won’t be worrying about wasted water with this sprinkler because it has a pressure-activated co-molded wiper seal. It also prevents clogging due to debris when used over time. Though this sprinkler is pretty easy to install, just remember to dig down a little deeper since this one’s longer.

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Hopefully by now, you have decided which best sprinkler for small lawn to pick. If you want sprinklers without multiple patterns, you can go for the Gilmour rectangular sprinklerGardena, or Rain Bird. For sprinklers with lots of unique patterns, choose between the Nelson 8-pattern sprinkler or the Gilmour 5-pattern sprinkler. The advantage of multiple patterns is the certainty of covering odd-shaped areas. Overall, these sprinklers are great. Most of them do well with low water pressure too, making them the best options for all homeowners.

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