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Caring for your lawn is hard work. Similar to any task at home, lawn maintenance needs preparation which involves deciding on the best tools to use as well as the right time and person to do the job. One of the basic things that needs to be done to keep any lawn healthy and thriving is weeding. Weeding can be tough if one uses manual tools such as garden hoes and hand weeders. But with the advent of weed eaters, also known as string trimmers, weeding has become hassle-free and convenient to all.

Weed eaters come in 3 different types, namely: Electric Corded, Gas-Powered, and Cordless/Battery-Operated, (see my reviews of some of the best weed eaters) Choosing among these main types depends on your personal preference. Nevertheless, each weed eater offers some advantage over the other. But overall, they’re capable in tackling weeds better than tools that lack a power source. That is why weed eaters are popular among people on the go, senior citizens, and gardeners with back problems.

There are many factors to consider when getting a weed eater but the single factor that you should pay attention to is the brand. Perhaps you have learned about some brands of weed eaters by word of mouth because of their durability, ease of use, or design. To further introduce the best ones, here is a quick list of the top weed eater names in the market.


best weed eater brand

Black and Decker, as the name goes, was actually started by two friends named S. Duncan Black and Alonzo G. Decker. The business started its operations in just a small machine shop and it sold a few things which included tools for making milk bottle caps.

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From its humble beginnings in 1910, Black and Decker now offers a multitude of home appliances, lawn and garden tools, batteries and accessories, and power equipment.

This well-renowned brand features more than 10 top-rated weed eater models plus 5 newly designed ones – each with a unique power source, weight, and cutting swath. One of the best offers that the Black and Decker takes pride in is the Black and Decker App that allows you to lock and unlock its SMARTECH products, locate your tool when it gets lost, and monitor the status of your product’s battery power 24/7.

Helping people tackle light to the heaviest garden weeds, this brand ensures high performance, speed and power.


best weed eater brand

Started in 1944, Poulan Pro’s product line includes chain saws, lawn mowers, snow throwers, tillers, and accessories. When it comes to weed eaters, Poulan Pro features gas-powered and battery-operated trimmers. To tackle open areas and difficult spaces, its wide selection of weed eaters come in straight or curved shafts. Poulan Pro provides you with the benefit of enjoying its standard 2-year or 3-year limited warranty.

Among its 20+ weed eaters, its latest gas-powered model is the Poulan Pro PP428S weed eater with a 4-stroke engine. Poulan Pro also carries original weed eater parts and accessories for replacement. This would help homeowners save instead of buying a new weed eater model that would cost more.


best weed eater brand

A popular name that sells forest and garden maintenance products in over 100 countries worldwide, Husqvarna believes in quality and performance. Husqvarna not only aims to satisfy regular homeowners, it also values the needs of professional gardeners with its collection of commercial weed eaters that may be lightweight, but are powerful and durable.

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Its gas-powered weed eaters are known for their easy controls and safe engines that prevent air pollution by minimizing emissions. Husqvarna also takes pride in its SmartStart technology that ensures a fast start on all equipment with minimal effort.

To help you have better gardening and lawn maintenance experiences, Husqvarna also provides eye and hearing protection products, workwear, and weed eater attachments.


best weed eater brand

Hitachi, founded in 1948, is well-known for its topnotch outdoor equipment and accessories sold globally. Aside from selling chainsaws, blowers and blades, it offers gas-powered and battery-operated weed eaters that come in straight and curved shafts.

Some of the best things that Hitachi promises across its products include its anti-vibration system, S-Start technology for easy startup, reduction of carbon footprint (for gas-powered weed eaters), and durability.

Hitachi remains to be the top choice for homeowners and professional gardeners who seek performance in lawn maintenance products. One highly versatile weed eater that Hitachi offers is the 60-inch long gas-powered Hitachi CG22EAP2SL.


You may be a regular user or a professional landscaping contractor. It doesn’t matter. Choosing the right weed eater involves knowing the brand as well as the unique features that every trusted name offers across its selection of products.

Some brands stand out because of the wide availability of parts, while some are more preferred due to ease of use, convenience, advanced technology, and durability. We can also say that brands that have been around in the industry for quite some time have vast experience when it comes to ensuring only the best weeding results.

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