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Planning to create a beautiful flower or vegetable garden during early springtime? You need to do tilling. Tilling is the process of preparing the soil by breaking it in order to get it ready for planting. You need to till the soil to mix amendments such as manure and compost, break up clods, and eliminate weeds.

Tilling a garden will be easier for you if you do this after it has rained. This allows the soil to remain partly moist and easier to dig up. Remember that in order to grow flowers and vegetables, a well-prepared soil is a must.

To perform garden tilling effectively, you need the right tools for the job. Some garden tillers are handheld, while some have batteries and cords to function. The best equipment for you depends on the size of your land and how fast you need the work done.

Below are some garden tiller reviews and buying guide that will help you decide which tool you should get (in order of level of capacity in tilling and price). I also reviewed some of the best handheld rototillers here.


Cultivates Larger Areas With Its Powerful Motor

In less time, the Sun Joe tiller prepares 16-inch wide areas and digs up to 8 inches in depth. Aside from mixing up manure and compost, this also crushes dirt and removes weeds with just a push of a button. Its 12 amp motor is capable of doing 340 revolutions per minute.

Durable Prongs

Made for light to heavy tilling, it has 6 durable steel prongs that can dig through very tough clay in seconds. This equipment is a really good option for senior citizens who have a difficult time handling manual tools.

Wide Protective Plate

Since this equipment is extra powerful (because it runs on electricity), there is a high tendency for dirt to get into your eyes while you till. Don’t worry – the Sun Joe has a wide protective plate to keep the dirt from “splashing.” But to make sure, protect yourself by wearing goggles.

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Can Be Stored Conveniently

This tool has foldable handles which helps you keep it in your storage area.Click Here: To see what others are saying about the Sun Joe TJ603E 16-Inch 12-Amp Electric Tiller and Cultivator


Prepares Large Areas

Less expensive than the Sun Joe, the 8.5-amp Earthwise tiller also gets the job done efficiently. It has a cutting width of 11 inches (the Sun Joe has 16 inches) and a depth of 8 inches. It has 4 durable steel tines that prepare seedbeds in seconds.

Safe for the Environment

This electric tiller never emits any gas. You can use it all day without worrying about inhaling harmful fumes.

Wide Protective Plate

This Earthwise tiller also has a wide protective plate that prevents dirt from splashing all over the place and getting into your eyes. But to ensure 100% safety, please make use of protective goggles.

Good for Older People

People ages 60 years old with back problems may have difficulty in bending and using manual tillers in managing their small gardens. This electric tiller, even with fewer prongs than the Sun Joe, has a padded handle that guarantees comfort and more control in tilling.Click Here: To see what others are saying about the Earthwise 11-Inch 8.5-Amp Corded Electric Tiller/Cultivator


Powerful Motor, Great for Small Jobs

The GreenWorks corder tiller has an 8-amp powerful motor with a cutting width of 8.25 inches and a depth of 10 inches. Although this tiller has lesser amperes, lesser cutting width and depth than the Sun Joe and Earthwise, it happens to be cheaper and remains capable of tilling compact soil in seconds.

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It can perform smaller jobs in less time, making it a very useful tool for people who need to get the job done instantly. You can prepare a 100-square foot area in about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Comfortable, Convenient Handle

It has a padded handle that helps you maneuver the tiller better. After using this equipment, its padded handle can be easily folded so you can keep the entire thing in your storage area without taking a lot of space.Click Here: To see what others are saying about the GreenWorks 27072 8-Amp Corded Tiller


Great for Cultivating Small Vegetable and Flower Gardens

If you are a young person who plans to cultivate a small garden and have all the time and energy to do it (and want a cheaper tool for the job), the Yard Butler is the right tool for you. You do not have to bend and risk straining your back because it has a long body that measures 37 inches (3.08 feet).

6 Sharp Angled Claws

This tiller has 6 sharp angled claws that can till very loose to moderately loose soil with the help of your body weight (simply step on the plate for the tool to penetrate deeper into the soil). It can also pull out weeds and tiny rocks.

But unlike electric tillers, you cannot expect this tool to break into very compacted dirt. To make the job easier for you, make sure the soil is damp before tilling it (following a rainy day).

Extra Long Handles

Aside from stepping on the its plate, the Yard Butler comes with extra long handles that assist you in pushing the claws deeply into the soil.Click Here: To see what others are saying about the Yard Butler TNT-4 Garden Twist and Tiller

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Beautifully Traditional and Powerful

The Flexrake CLA105 tiller is reminiscent of what gardening used to be in the older days. The cheapest of the tillers mentioned in this garden tiller reviews and buying guide, it features 3 sharp prongs and a heavy steel blade that penetrate deeply into the soil and cut very stubborn weeds.

Because this tool is manual, you can fully control it to manage a small area. Managing huge flower and vegetable beds with this tool takes time and may cause back strain. This can be an excellent alternative if you are unable to till effectively with the Yard Butler TNT-4.

Comfortable Grip

Its comfortable non-slip grip allows you to enjoy tilling without experiencing wrist discomfort.

Durable Oak Handle

Its handle is make of oak wood which is known to be sturdy and resistant to fungal attack. To make this tool last longer, please do not soak it in water for a long period of time.Click Here: To see what others are saying about the Flexrake CLA105 Classic Flower and Vegetable Tiller Model


Hopefully, you’ll be able to pick the right tiller for you with this selection of Garden Tiller Reviews and Buying Guide. In terms of power, size of area covered and ease of use, I recommend the Sun Joe tiller. Its motor and tines have better capacity, making the Sun Joe ideal for large areas. For cheaper versions of an electric tiller that also perform very well, the Earthwise and GreenWorks are your best options. Lastly, if you manage smaller areas, you can choose the Yard Butler tiller (no bending and straining) or the Flexrake (requires bending but more control in tilling).

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