The Best Garden Hand Clippers Available

Hand clippers, also called secateurs or pruning shears, are most basic tools you must have to keep your garden healthy and looking nice. Hand clippers are specifically used to cut damaged branches and new branches that are growing in the wrong direction. Since these tools are common, you have to be sure to get one that really works best for you. Don’t be fooled about its size and appearance. Know that every hand clipper is unique and serves a different purpose.

To give you some useful advice, let me tell you that hand clippers come in two types: the bypass pruner and the anvil pruner. A bypass pruner makes clean cuts, hence it is used for fresh branches. You can use a bypass pruner on roses or fruit trees. The anvil pruner is used for dead wood. They tend to be bulkier so sometimes it can be a struggle handling them in tight spaces. It has a single straight blade that chops on a flat edge. This does not make clean cuts unlike the bypass. Over time, the blade can be dull so instead of really cutting, it crushes the stem.

Remember that in picking the right shears, take note of its blade quality, size and weight, and durability.

Below are reviews of the best garden hand clippers available. Hopefully, they’ll be able to help you make the right choice!



Helps You Cut Smoothly with Less Effort

This pair of bypass hand clippers by Yismeet helps you prune your fresh plants without difficulty. As you can see, it has a tough spring which means that you only have to exert a little effort for it to make clean cuts. It features very sharp, hardened steel blades that can cut 1/2 thick branches.

Comfortable Handles, Ensures Safe Storage

The handles are padded to help you trim branches for hours without feeling fatigue. This tool is perfectly balanced. You’re sure to get your money’s worth. Beneath the spring, you’ll see a simple locking mechanism to prevent this clipper from accidentally opening when not in use.

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More Product Details

  • Weight: 10.4 ounces
  • 90-day 100% money-back guarantee
  • Effortless cutting

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Pocket-Sized, Perfectly Designed for Women

This pair of hand clippers are made for women and gardeners with weak fingers. If you easily get tired and often experience hand fatigue from pruning, this tool is the right one for you.

What makes it suitable for you is the fact that it’s really light. It amazingly weighs only 0.3 ounces. You can even carry it in your pocket if you want too. Don’t worry, it has a special locking mechanism at the tip of its handle to prevent injuries when not in use.

This clipper also features thermoplastic rubber grips that ensure comfort and more control while you prune.

Blades Made of 5K Japanese Hard Steel

If you’re looking for a pair of hand clippers for the perfect cuts, this one’s the best tool! Its blades are made of tough Japanese steel that’s extra sharp. With this tool, you’ll be able to cut branches like butter. The blades are like samurai – smooth and effortless. I’m sure you will have more fun trimming bushes for the whole day.

Prevents Sticking

Another feature that’s worth mentioning is its upper blade with Teflon coating. This coating allows the blades to easily slide past each other. Most of all, Teflon prevents sticking due to sap material. You’ll be able to easily clean the blades too.

More Product Details

  • Cutting capacity: 20mm in diameter
  • Absorbs shock
  • Comes with a strong spring for smoother cutting

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Stainless Steel Blades that Cut with Maximum Precision

This pair of pruners by Gardenite has blades made of high-quality stainless steel. They’re sharp, extra strong, and cuts stems/branches 5/16 inches thick. This one’s made for large hands.

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Nice Comfortable Grips & Other Convenient Features

Both handles of this bypass pruner are covered with comfortable rubber grips that give you more control in pruning. At the center of its handles, you’ll notice a durable carbon steel spring for more powerful cutting and a light green safety locking mechanism.

More Product Details

  • Weight: 3.2 ounces
  • Handle length: long, measures 6.7 inches
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

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Very Convenient Handles

This pair of anvil shears by Yismeet has an unusually unique appearance because of its handles. The handle on the blade side is covered in a red-colored anti-slip rubber that gives you more control in pruning. The handle on the slightly concaved “chopping” surface has a looped finger guard design that perfectly fits your fingers and guards them at the same time.

In between the handles is a safety locking mechanism that allows you to lock this hand tool when not in use. This keeps the clippers from causing any unwarranted accidents.

Has an Excellent Ratcheting Mechanism

Any pruner with a ratcheting mechanism will really help you cut through stems and branches better than one without this feature. With a ratchet, you are able to cut in a continuous forward motion by just pushing the handles a little. Like its bypass version in this guide, this anvil pruner is truly effortless and hassle-free.

Durable Carbon Steel Blade

What makes this pruner tough is its blade made of Carbon steel. Carbon steel is known to stay sharp for a longer period of time and is also very easy to sharpen. Don’t be tricked by the look of its blade – this one cuts perfectly on medium sized dead branches.

More Product Details

  • Weight: 8.8 ounces
  • Coated with Teflon to prevent sticking and rusting
  • Lasts for years

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Made for Weak Hands

Another excellent pruning shear worth mentioning is this one by Lanier. Lanier has crafted this product for gardeners with a weaker grip, specifically those with arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome. Women and older people can use this one for extra comfort.

The handles are made of aluminum, making them very light and effortless to carry. One handle has a soft cushion that gives you a nice grip. The other handle has a natural contour that perfectly fits the angles of your fingers. It also comes with a hand guard for added protection.

Comes with a Convenient Oil Sponge

This added feature makes cleaning this pruner more fun and convenient. It comes with a free pre-oiled, orange-colored sponge found at the bottom of one of its handles. Wipe the blade with this nice little sponge while cleaning it.

Excellent Ratcheting Mechanism, Blade Made of Carbon Steel

This tool has a ratcheting mechanism that increases its cutting motion. All you have to do is make a little push and you’ll be able to cut branches continuously. The blade is also made of Carbon steel which stays sharp longer and is easier to sharpen than a regular steel blade.

More Product Details

  • Weight: 8 ounces
  • Effortless
  • 5-year guarantee
  • Features a safe locking mechanism
  • Easy to carry

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All these garden hand clippers are my favorites. Each one of them has unique features that make it great. Have you picked your very best bypass and anvil hand clippers? For women and those with weak hands, I suggest the bypass pruner by Wild Vine and the anvil pruner by Lanier. Both of them have excellent blades. I also like the Lanier because of its free pre-oiled sponge. I have never encountered hand clippers with this feature except for this one. If you need a bypass pruner for large hands, choose the one offered by Gardenite.

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