Top Rated Weed Wackers

Weed wackers, also called weed eaters, string trimmers or strimmers, are basic gardening tools that have cutting heads at their ends. These are used by homeowners to remove weeds that make their lawns look untidy.

Sometimes, these weeds tend to camouflage with our plants making them difficult to find. What’s worse, they compete with our garden vegetables and flowers for nutrients. Weeds can also cause harm to our pets if eaten. One common example of these weeds are mistletoes. They are our Christmas friends, but they can be every gardener’s foe.

A good weed whacker is one that can effectively pull out pesky weeds where your lawn mower cannot reach. The best tool can spell the difference between a well-maintained garden and an unruly one.

That being said, I’m here to guide you in choosing the right weed whacker for your lawn. Below are the top rated weed wackers available in the market. Read the guide below and pick the weed whacker that suits you best. Remember that no single tool appeals to all.


Easy Starting

This heavy duty weed wacker features a smart start fuel pump that gets it started in no time. All it takes to get this thing up and running are 3 to 4 pulls.

Minimal Exhaust Emissions

With its E-Tech II carburator, you’ll be assured to enjoy cleaner air while operating this tool. This Husqvarna string trimmer is CARB-approved for reduced formaldehyde emissions.

Light and Easy to Handle

This tool weighs only 10.8 pounds which is lighter than some battery-operated weed whackers. It is easy to handle and also comes with a harness that allows for more control.

Quick Shut Off

After using this tool, simply flick off the switch that’s located atop the gas trigger. This easily accessible switch protects you from getting burned (unlike other models that require you to reach around to switch them off).

  • With 3-32 ounce cans of Husqvarna pre-mix fuel
  • Made in the USA
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More Power

The Black + Decker whacker has a PowerDrive Transmission feature that ensures more motor power to get the job done faster in less time. This feature appeals to people who are in a hurry and need to cover larger areas in a single day.

To remove more stubborn, thicker weeds, simply adjust the PowerCommand dial for maximum power (8500 RPM) and more cutting force. To conserve battery life, choose max runtime (6500 RPM).

40-volt MAX Lithium-Ion Battery System

40-volt batteries are used to run this weed whacker to ensure longer life and power. Unlike other battery types, lithium ion batteries last longer and require less charging time. When you need to charge the Black + Decker 40-volt battery, simply remove it with a click of a button and have it charged via its included charger. It fully recharges in 1 hour.


Weighing about 9.9 pounds, you’ll be able to move through your lawn comfortably and make more precise cuts because you can control it better.

Automatic Feed Spool (AFS) System

The AFS system allows you to enjoy nonstop trimming and uninterrupted work.

More Product Details

  • Can be converted from trimmer to edger
  • Quick release auxiliary handle
  • 065 line diameter
  • 13-inch cutting swath

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More Efficient and Durable Motor

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This Dewalt weed whacker is powered by a brushless motor that has longer lifetime, lesser noise, and higher torque per watt for better efficiency.

Speed Control

It has a speed control switch (Hi/Lo) that allows you to have total control over its performance. You can choose whether to have it run longer for battery conservation or let it work faster if you are in a hurry (consumes more battery power).

20V MAX 5.0Ah Lithium-Ion Battery System

This weed whacker runs on 20-volt batteries that can be easily recharged right after using. Lithium ion batteries are known to charge faster and last longer than other battery types. It is also important to care for lithium ion batteries by not leaving them in cold and hot temperatures. If this happens, the batteries deteriorate fast.

Comfortable Handle

This weed whackers comes with a padded handle that you can hold with ease. This also helps you have better control over this tool regardless of speed.

More Product Details

  • Can be converted from trimmer to edger
  • Quick release auxiliary handle
  • Dual 0.080″ line with bump feed
  • 13-inch cutting swath
  • Weight: 14 pounds

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Very Light in Weight, Suitable For Older People

This Black & Decker weed wacker only weighs 4.5 pounds. The weight makes it ideal for older people who may have joint and back problems. It minimizes strain and fatigue. This electric model is easier to handle than the cordless (battery-operated type) models for people who can do without speed control options.

Powerful 4.4 Amp Motor at 10,000 RPM

Its powerful motor system is ideal for cutting overgrown/thick weeds and grass.

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Cord Retention System

You’ll get to enjoy continuous, nonstop wedding with its cord retention system that prevents unintentional unplugging.You can move freely across your lawn without worries.

Automatic Feed Spool (AFS) System

The AFS system prevents bumping when the cutting string advances so you won’t experience interruptions while weeding.

Built-In Auxiliary Handle

This weed wacker comes with a comfortable built-in auxiliary handle that minimizes hand strain even when weeding for an hour.

More Product Details

  • Can be converted from trimmer to edger
  • 180-degree rotating head
  • Cuts a 13-inch path

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If we judge the top rated weed wackers based on power, we can say that the Husqvarna delivers more. Because it is powered on gas, it cuts faster and better than any other weed whacker types. The downside you’ll encounter with this tool is its regular maintenance. You also have to bear with its loudness. This might not be nice for neighbors who prefer peace and quiet. Surprisingly, the Husqvarna (10.8 pounds) weighs much lighter than the Dewalt (14 pounds).

For the cordless (battery operated) weed wacker, it’s the Black + Decker LST136W 40 V Max that performs really well. When compared to the Dewalt 20V Max, you can see clearly their difference in battery voltage (40v vs 20v).

If you don’t want to deal with constant recharging of batteries, the Black + Decker ST7700 Automatic strimmer will suit you. Among the top rated weed wackers in this review, this model weighs the lightest and is the cheapest. Personally, I think that this electric model specifically caters to specific people – those who desire the same function but prefer a lighter form.

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